Tech Tip Of The Week: How To Start Your Own Internet Talk Show

HOW TO: Start Your Own Internet Talk Show


The accessibility of video is a big reason why Internet talk shows are trending. Though talk shows hail from the muscle-car-and-milkshake days of the 1950s, our modern explosion of computer and Internet technology hasn’t rendered them old-fashioned. In fact, 2010’s man-of-the-Internet himself is a talk show host. (We’re with you, Coco!).


Twitter has created a culture in which people expect two-way dialog between everyone: friends, strangers, and even celebrities. Video is the ultimate online two-way interaction, and every day computer scientists are making bits and bytes travel faster and faster, and video is becoming more accessible.


Do you fancy yourself a budding talk show personality? With a few inexpensive tools and a bit of planning, you can launch your own web show. Here’s how to get it done.  

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